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What is the difference between an axial flow type check valve and a general check valve?

Axial flow check valve is also called through check valve.

The working principle of the check valve is to open and close the valve disc automatically depending on the flow of the medium itself to prevent the reverse flow of the medium. According to different characteristics, check valve can be divided into one-way valve, reverse flow valve, check valve, and back pressure valve. Axial type flow check valve is designed with shock absorber spring, and its combined valve seat seal structure with hard seal and soft seal has the effect of sound elimination and shock absorber, so it is very convenient for on-site maintenance. Axial valve adopts special sealing structure, no matter the pressure behind the valve is high or low, the valve is closed tightly, so the sealing performance is very good, which overcomes the disadvantage of poor sealing performance of general check valve in low back pressure.



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