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What is the difference between an axial flow check valve and a general check valve?

The axial flow check valve is also called the axial flow check valve. The check valve refers to the valve that automatically opens and closes the valve flap by means of the flow of the medium itself. The valve for preventing the back flow of the medium can be called a check valve, a reverse flow valve, Check valve, back pressure valve, etc. The cross-flow check valve is a new product after the introduction of the new standard in 2008. In addition to the function of the general check valve, the product is also designed with a shock absorbing spring, and its combined seal seat sealing structure with soft seal and soft seal. With noise reduction and shock absorption effect, it is convenient for users to carry out on-site maintenance. The cross-flow check valve adopts a special sealing structure. Regardless of the pressure behind the valve, the valve is closed tightly and the sealing performance is good. The disadvantage of the general sealing valve being poor in sealing performance at low back pressure is overcome. Shanghai Taichen Tubular Check Valve has a unique axial flow shuttle structure with small flow resistance, large flow coefficient and small size. It is the preferred valve for oil and gas gathering pipeline network system at home and abroad, especially for oil pump outlet.
The cross-flow check valve can also be used to supply a line in which the pressure can rise to an auxiliary system that exceeds the system pressure. The cross-flow check valve structure adopts an axial flow shuttle structure, and the valve core is provided with a buffer damping spring. When the medium flows downstream, the valve core opens, the medium flows through the axial flow passage of the valve body, and the medium pushes open the valve. When the core is used, the spring acts as a buffer to avoid the impact vibration between the valve core and the valve body when the ordinary check valve is opened. When the medium flows in the opposite direction, the spool closes quickly, and the spool fits tightly against the valve seat, preventing the medium from flowing backward. The Taichen large-diameter tubular check valve adopts a floating valve flap structure, which can automatically compensate for the error caused by wear during installation and use, ensure the sealing surface is tightly fitted, and improve the sealing performance.


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