The globe valve urgently needs to accelerate the transformation and

The globe valve urgently needs to accelerate the transformation and upgrading

As a big producer of globe valves, China has been climbing from the low end of the global manufacturing chain to the middle and high end in recent years, facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. However, in order to transform from a big valve manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country, it is not possible to build an upgraded version of the valve made in China overnight. We must go through trials and hardships to accelerate the transformation of innovation-driven, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing.

For many years, the cut-off valve industry in China has been the big but not strong, the production of the majority of cast iron globe valves, cast steel globe valve and stainless steel valve these more common low pressure valves, and in high pressure high temperature cut-off valve in the field of nuclear power and relatively few corrugated pipe cut-off valve, yet without a group of pillar enterprises with international competitiveness, the industrial development to break through, this is mainly due to China's independent innovation ability is not strong, independent intellectual property rights development ability is weak, in the high-end valve such as regulator, the external regulation electric cut-off valve core technology and key components, outstanding product quality problems in urgent need of innovation to upgrade.

It is not easy for the globe valve industry to go from big to strong. First of all, China has to change from low-cost competitive advantage to quality and efficiency of competitive advantage, which is the cut-off valve by the big strong realistic choice. There may be nothing wrong with the low-cost strategy, but in the context of the current rigid increase in the cost of production factors, the manufacturing industry must transform from relying more on low labor cost to relying more on the quality of human capital and technological progress to achieve quality and efficiency development. To pursue development based on quality and efficiency, we need to take science and technology as the guide, take brand creation as the driving force, rely on innovation in technology, management, brand and business model, improve labor productivity, product quality and quality, enhance core competitiveness, and accelerate the transformation from speed to quality and from made in China to created in China.




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