Structural features of axial flow check

Structural features of axial flow check valves

Let us specifically analyze the structural characteristics of the axial flow check valve. The first is the sleeve type check valve. The valve disc has a lighter mass. The structure of the telescopic sleeve is beneficial to the sensitivity of the action, so the check is The formation is relatively short. At the same time, its overall length is also short. However, the disadvantage is that it is easy to observe that there are two sealing faces on the structure. These two sealing faces bring certain difficulties to the processing and maintenance work. Secondly, it is a disc-shaped axial flow check valve. Its action is sensitive. The special structure of the circle makes it easy to install in the long-distance pipeline or the outlet of the air compressor. It can be horizontal or It is installed vertically, and its stroke is very convenient because it has a circular disc-shaped structure and is short with only one sealing surface.


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