Structural advantages of axial flow check

Structural advantages of axial flow check valves

Compared with the advantages of the traditional check valve, the axial flow check valve structure is:

(1) Open and close quickly.. The axial flow check valve is a short, streamlined design with low resistance and can be quickly closed.

  (2) No noise: The dynamic balance of the disc opening and closing system, running the balancing valve, closing the instant return speed is small, the spring return valve has no impact, reducing the influence of noise and water hammer.

  (3) Excellent sealing: Light weight, light weight, low inertia valve plate after closing, the effect of short trip to the seat is small, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by the leakage of the seat sealing surface.

(4) Low operating energy consumption: The fluid flow of the axial flow check valve is only guaranteed to overcome the spring force until the valve is fully open, and the critical flow rate is much less than the critical flow rate required by the swing check valve in its request. Areas can reduce the possibility of running energy.

(5) Fluid resistance: The axial flow field structure and the streamlined flow path of the surface ensure that the fluid is in laminar flow, allowing the valve flow resistance coefficient to save energy.


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