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Our company's service introduction

XIAMEN JALYSO PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD is one of the leading Valve Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter. It is integrated with research, development, manufacturing, testing, sales and service for all kinds of valves, including Ball Valve, Check Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug valves, Specialty Valves, Strainer, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuators and Valve Accessories. All of them are ISO9001 & CE approved.

We have established the technical research, development center and quality inspection center with a relatively sound management system. In addition, it has introduced advanced manufacturing technology from abroad, and has advanced machining centers, CNC machine tools, metal cutting and processing equipment, physical and chemical testing equipment,
Non-destructive testing, spectrum analyzer, valve comprehensive performance tester and other equipment ensure the products reach the purpose of zero leakage.

Our products have been marketed throughout the world, suitable for a wide variety of applications in the Gas, Oil, Refining, Chemical, Marine, Power Generation and Pipeline Transmission Industries.

Our employees, stability, lasting relationships, sound decision making and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy partnering with us. http://www.jlsvalve.com

Our Service 

Pre-sale service:

As the good customers staff officer and assistant , let every one of users make the investment and obtain the generous repayment.

(1) Choice of the type of the equipment.

(2) According to the customers special requirement, design and make the products.

(3) Train the technical staff for the customer.

(4) Offer the technological consultation of new , special , difficult construction or draft the suitable construction scheme.

Sales service:

Respect the customer; Give one of customer rest assured one light, one pleasant surprise; Devoted to improving the customers whole value.

(1) Deliver goods to the customers in guarantee period .

(2) Confirmation in advance of the products.

(3) Recommend achieving high service system to the customer.

After service:

Improve customers whole value, let customers not have worry.

(1) Help users to draft the initial construction scheme.

(2) Rigging up and debugging.

(3) Train the attendant live.

(4) Patrol and examine the equipment regularly.

(5) Fast voluntarily , arrange the reason live.

(6) Guarantee the fittings and deliver goods to the customers.

(7) Follow-up service of the key project .

(8) Look for and unsatisfied with users potentially actively, complain about recycle treatment.

(9) Offer the overbalanced service.

(10)Offer the chance of the exchange of technology.

(11)Launch great items of maintenance business.



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