Manufacturing method of swing type check valve

Manufacturing method of swing type check valve rocker

Rocker is a swing type check valve parts, it is used to support the disc and the disc can be installed in the valve body on the pin rotation, so as to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.

Rocker is a rectangular slender bar, the rigidity is poor, is a kind of stem parts. There is a pin hole at one end and a disc hole at the other end, and the two holes are perpendicular to each other. The figure below shows the typical structure of a remote rod.


The rocker is generally made of carbon steel or stainless steel, and the blank is mainly forgings and castings. Small size rocker is generally die forgings, large size for the casting.

The main technical requirements for the rocker: pin hole and the installation of disc cylindrical hole precision for 6, the surface finish for 5. The non-perpendicularity of the axes of the two holes shall not exceed 0.03 mm in length of 100 mm.

The mechanical processing of rocker

The main machining surface of rocker is pin hole, disc hole and several vertical end faces. The rigidity of rocker is poor, so it will not deform under the action of clamping force and cutting force. The cylindrical boss at the end of the pin hole is usually used as the coarse datum. Firstly, the pin hole and the end face of one side of the pin are turned well, and the pin hole and the end face are used as the positioning datum in every subsequent process.

In the turning pin hole, because the cylindrical boss is short, the installation should be according to the rocker symmetry center line leveling, so as to avoid the car out of the pin hole skew, so in the car pin hole money should be arranged a marking process. In order to ensure the vertical requirements of the two cylindrical hole, in the processing of disc hole can be used special fixture.

Large size of the rocker due to the large diameter of the rotation, the inconvenience in the lathe processing, so generally in the boring machine machining disc hole and pin hole, face milling or planing. The clamping and positioning method is basically the same as the middle and small size rocker.

Disc hole processing

The disc hole and its end face are usually turned. In order to ensure the non-perpendicularity between the disc hole and the pin hole, the workpiece is positioned with the pin hole and end face, and the fixture shown in the figure below is used. The fixture is directly installed on the spindle of the lathe. When the rocker of different lathes are processed, the positioning shaft can be replaced and the distance from the positioning shaft seat to the center of the fixture can be adjusted. In order to control the thickness of the rocker, a tool setting device is installed on the fixture.

Car rocker hole clamp

The same fixture is used for turning the other end of the disc hole. The workpiece must be mounted upside down and the height of the supporting stud and the platen must be adjusted.


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