Main features and main product parameters of the knife type gate valves

Knife type gate valve product features
1. Knife gate valve is mainly composed of valve body and gate, with compact design, small space occupied and effective support for pipeline strength.

2. The bottom of the gate is a u-shaped blade, which can scrape away the adhesion on the sealing surface and quickly cut off the medium.

3. In the pneumatic knife type gate valve,the surface of the gate is ground and polished for better sealing effect and effective protection of packing and seat.

4, Two-way sealing, zero leakage, full diameter design, to maximize the medium flow.

5, The manual knife gate valve's seat is easy to replace, saving the maintenance cost of the valve.

6, Wear resistance is better than ordinary rubber seal products, extended the service life of the valve.

7. The knife type gate valve China is widely used in papermaking, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, water treatment and other industries.

Technical Specification of the WCB lug knife type gate valve

公称通径/Norminal Diameter:

DN50-600    2"-24"

压力等级/Pressure rating:

0.6MPa、1.0MPa、1.6MPa、ASME CLASS 150LB

试压标准/Pressure test:

DN50-200  (2"~8")  1.0Mpa

DN250-400   (10"-16" ) 0.6Mpa

DN450-600    (18"~24" ) 0.5Mpa

适用温度/Suitable Temperature:


泄漏等级/Leakage Level:

EPDM 软密封     A级(零泄漏)

EPDM sealing  A level (0 leakage)



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