Instructions for installation and maintenance of axial check

Instructions for installation and maintenance of axial check valve

The axial check valve produced by JALYSO PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD is suitable for use in clean natural gas, water, steam and other medium pipelines at temperatures between -29 and 100 °C. It has the advantages of small flow resistance, good flow regime and long service life. An ideal device to prevent backflow of media.
The following points must be observed when installing an axial check valve:
1. Before installation, it is necessary to strictly check the adjacent pipes and valves for foreign materials such as welding slag and gravel, and keep the valve cavity clean, otherwise the valve will not work normally;
2. Confirm that the flow direction of the axial check valve is consistent with the flow direction of the pipeline medium;
3. Confirm whether the parameters such as the diameter, pressure and medium temperature of the piping system used are consistent with the valve identification. During the period of non-installation, the axial check valve should be stored in a dry room to keep the valve body flow path clean and prevent the valve from occurring.
Axial check valve may cause failure of the valve to seal. The main reasons for this failure are:
1. Excessive life, resulting in damage to the sealing surface of the valve.
2. The valve is not installed in the direction of flow.
Once you encounter the above problem, you only need to replace the sealing surface, or replace the installation direction to solve the problem of the axial check valve.



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