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Installation method of the centerline butterfly valves

Installation steps of the centerline butterfly valves:
1. Open the disc 10 degrees before installation. (same before demolition)
2. Set auxiliary screws in appropriate positions to adjust the distance between two flange faces.
3. Insert the centerline butterfly valves into the remaining bolts without contacting the two flange faces.
4. After determining that the butterfly valve center is concentric with the flange center and the disc switch position is not hindered by the flange inner diameter or adjacent parts, repeatedly lock the bolts in a diagonal and progressive manner until the flange surface contacts the valve body end face.
5. After completion of the device, the centerline butterfly valves shall be re-confirmed to be fully open and fully closed.
Confirm the operation steps of full opening and closing of the centerline butterfly valves:
1. Before starting the operation, clean the external objects on the piping with air spray, and clean the inner surface of the piping with clean water.
2. Open the centerline butterfly valves to check the Angle indicator, and avoid torsion exceeding the opening width and closing position.
3. The operation of the switch shall be subject to the indicator. If other hand tools are applied, the Angle indicator panel and the switch will be damaged.
4, to do piping pressure test, should be the center line butterfly valve open.
5, the centerline butterfly valves after piping and long-term in the state of full shutdown, every month should do 1 or 2 times of switching action to avoid the production of fixation


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