How to install use and maintain the swing type check

How to install use and maintain the swing type check valve?

Installation, use and maintenance of swing type check valve should pay attention to the following aspects:
I. Installation and Use
1. The swing type check valve is installed vertically in the horizontal pipeline and is generally in full open state.
2 The following work should be done before installation
A remove the cover and foam board at both ends of the valve channel to clean the inner cavity and remove grease stain.
B Peel off the oil paper on the surface of the valve disc and remove the grease dirt on the surface of the valve disc.
3 The flow direction of medium must be limited during installation.
4 The medium passing through the pipeline should not contain hard particles to avoid damaging the sealing surface.
The swing type check valves are tested and tested one by one before they leave the factory. Installation units can directly test or install and use the valves.
II. Maintenance and Maintenance
The swing type valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain and rust.
2. When storing and transporting for a month, the hoist should be in the closing device, and the following work should be done well:
A Disc shall be Fixed in Open Position
The two ends of the B path are blocked by foam board, and the port must be tightly covered with a stuffy cover to prevent dust and rust.
C. Proper packing, shock and collision protection should be carried out at the cylinder part.
D Valve should be placed smoothly, pneumatic drive device upward, not squeezed each other.
3 Periodic inspection should be carried out when placed for a long time. Every three months, the dirt and rust on the two passages and the sealing surface and the protection condition of the welding joint are checked. After wiping the dirt and rust, the rust-proof oil is re-painted to protect them.
8. Integral structure, simple and compact, beautiful appearance
9. Long service life and high reliability


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