Detailed description of the characteristics of axial flow check

Detailed description of the characteristics of axial flow check valves

1. Axial flow check valve single structure, light weight, good rigidity, easy to maintain;
2. The thrust of the axial flow check valve spring enables the disc to handle the closed position even when no medium pressure is applied;
3. Axial flow check valve good way to support the valve in any position when the valve disc and seat can be good alignment, so the valve can be installed at any Angle.
4. The streamline design of the axial flow check valve sleeve and the streamline design of the body cavity constitute the streamline flow path of the axial flow check valve. The accurate calculation and design make the flow area of the flow path full and consistent, with small pressure loss, stable flow and no cavitation. Disc in the media flow when the negative pressure and spring thrust back seat, no media directly impact on the back of the disc; Therefore, the axial flow check valve is a low noise valve.
5. The special surface treatment and structure design of the front and rear ends of the axial flow check valve disc supports and the disc shaft can overcome the frequent jamming phenomenon in the process of using similar valves and make the opening and closing smooth. At the same time, it avoids the defects of poor neutral of valve disc due to gravity, uneven stress of sealing pair, inconsistent anastomotic position of sealing pair between two actions and affecting sealing performance, so that sealing pair is always in a good state of stress and anastomosis.
6. The accurate design of the axial flow check valve USES the spring thrust when the disc is in the closed position, which is slightly larger than the sum of the gravity of the disc and the friction force between the disc and the front and rear supports. The disc can not only seal the back seat at low pressure and arbitrary installation, but also realize the low-pressure opening, reduce the starting load of the pump and protect the safe operation of the pump.


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