Design features of the axial flow check

Design features of the axial flow check valve

Let's analyze the structure characteristics of the axial flow check valve in detail. Firstly, it is a sleeve type check valve, whose disc weight is relatively light. The structure of telescopic sleeve is conducive to the sensitivity of action, so the check is relatively short. It also has a shorter overall structural length. However, the disadvantage is that it is easy for us to observe that it has two sealing surfaces in structure, which bring certain difficulties to processing, maintenance and other work. Followed by the structure of the disc axial flow check valve, its action is sensitive, let its in long distance pipeline of special structure of circular or export the place such as air compressor installation time become very simple, can be horizontal or vertical for installation, the trip because of the circular disc structure will be shorter, with a sealing surface, thus making up is very convenient.


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