Design features and installation of oblique seated swing type check

Design features and installation of oblique seated swing type check valves

Traditional swing type check valves can quickly cut off the backflow medium, but also cause violent impact and pressure impact on the pipeline and foundation due to water hammer pressure. If the backflow is cut off abruptly, pressure shocks can even break the line. So the oblique seat swing valves produced, it is in order to solve this problem, innovative design, guarantee the fast closing, with oblique seat swing valve head loss coefficient between 0.7 ~ 1.6, fully open valve plate minimum velocity in 0.9 ~ 1.5 m/s (related to valve size), if use slowly-closing device swing check valve can also eliminate pressure shock, suitable for all kinds of working condition.

Swing check valve with oblique seat design features:

1. Compact valve body structure.

2. Valve body size to en 558-1 series 14(DIN3202,F4).

3. No external heavy hammer is needed to reduce head loss.

4, because the built-in slow closing device (alternative) in the final 10 ~ 15% of the valve closing stroke, eliminate the valve plate and valve body violent impact.

5, metal to metal hard seal, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

6. The valve plate is designed with a hydrodynamic wing shape, which is easy to open.

7. Triple eccentric valve plate design minimizes wear of sealing pair and reduces pressure loss of open valve.

8, with oblique seat, valve stroke reduced by 25%, thus reducing the closing time.

Swing check valve with oblique seat installation features:

1, no heavy hammer or connecting rod, so there is no danger in the operation area, absolutely safe.

2, only a small installation space.

3. The flexible contact between the slow closing device and the valve plate completely eliminates the possibility of pressure impact of the production closing valve.

4, the shaft does not extend out of the valve body, so that there is no corresponding part of the seal friction loss, to reduce the head loss.

5. The characteristics of the slow closing device are in harmony with the dynamic characteristics of the valve plate, and the thrust buffer is absorbed. There is no need to transmit to the external equipment.

6. The valve plate is fully opened or closed by water flow control with small head loss.

7, Do not need to remove the whole valve from the pipeline, you can separate the slow closing device removed for maintenance.


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