Construction and installation of the piston type check

Construction and installation of the piston type check valve

Construction and installation of piston type check valve:
1. The disc of the piston type check valve is in disc shape and rotates around the shaft of the valve seat passage. Because the inner passage of the valve is in streamline shape, the flow resistance is smaller than that of the rising butterfly check valve.
2.The lift piston type check valve,in which the disc slides along the center line of the valve body. Pipeline check valve is a new kind of valve, its small size, light weight, good processing technology, is one of the direction of check valve development. But the fluid resistance coefficient is slightly larger than the swing check valve.
3. Stainless steel piston type check valve is suitable for use in industrial pipelines as devices to stop the flow of media. When the medium flow in the specified direction, the disc is opened by the action of the medium force; When the medium counterflow, due to the self-weight of the disc and the effect of the reverse force of the disc by the medium, so that the disc and the valve seat sealing surface close and close, to prevent the medium counterflow purposes.

The sealing surface of the valve body and disc of the piston steel check valve is made of stainless steel by surfacing welding. The structural length is in accordance with gb12221-1989 and the flange connecting size is in accordance with JB/ t79-1994.


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