Classification of check

Classification of check valves

The opening and closing parts open or close by themselves depending on the force of the flow of the medium, so as to prevent the reverse flow of the medium of the valve called check valve. Check valve belongs to automatic valve class, mainly used for medium one-way flow pipeline, only allow the medium to flow in one direction, to prevent accidents.
Structure classification
According to the structure, can be divided into lifting check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve three kinds:
1. Lifting check valves are divided into vertical and horizontal types.
2. Swing check valve is divided into three types: single valve, double valve and multiple valve.
Butterfly check valves are straight through.
Above several kinds of check valves in the form of connection can be divided into thread connection, flange connection, welding connection and clamp connection four.
The material classification
1. Cast iron check valve
2. Brass check valve
3. Stainless steel check valve
Carbon steel check valve
5. Forged steel check valve
Functional classification
1.DRVZ silent check valve
Stainless steel check valve
Stainless steel check valve
Silent check valve
3.NRVR silent check valve
4.SFCV rubber disc check valve
5.DDCV double disc check valve


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