Classification of axial flow check valves by

Classification of axial flow check valves by design

Axial flow check valve has the advantages of smooth operation, small flow resistance, small water hammer pressure, good flow pattern, quick response to medium pressure change, low noise and good tightness. Depending on the axial flow check valve disc structure, it can be divided into sleeve type, disc type, and ring disc type of axial flow check valve.
Below we will analyze the characteristics of each form of axial flow check valve:
Sleeve structure of the axial flow check valve disc light weight, sensitive action, short stroke, short length of the structure, can be low pressure seal and low pressure open, closed without impact, no noise, the spring is not directly in contact with the media, so long life. However, the disadvantage of the two sealing surface, to the processing, grinding and maintenance increased difficulties, while there is a certain pressure loss. Disc type check valve: it is generally used in long pipeline or air compressor outlet and other large diameter pipeline medium outlet, can be installed horizontally or vertically. Disk-shaped structure has the advantages of sensitive action, short stroke, no impact, no noise, small fluid resistance, quick response, only one sealing surface, etc. It is generally used for the transmission of natural gas, petrochemical, power plant and other small diameter pipeline systems with low noise and no leakage.
Annular axial flow check valve design: disc travel is very short, coupled with the role of the spring load, make it close quickly, therefore, more conducive to reducing water hammer pressure. The disadvantage is that the structure is more complex, larger resistance, generally used for vertical pipe. Check valve according to its structural characteristics of the principle of the form, used in different locations and industrial areas, so different working conditions to choose the appropriate structure, is the first choice of axial flow check valve.


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