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Casting steel gate valve installation process and matters needing attention

1. Before installing the cast steel gate valve, check the valve chamber and sealing surface and other parts, no dirt or sand particles are allowed to adhere to; 2. Tighten the bolts of all connection parts evenly; 3. Check the packing position to ensure the sealing of the packing and the flexible opening of the gate; 4. Before installing the valve of cast steel gate valve, the user must check the valve type, connection size and pay attention to the flow direction of medium to ensure the consistency with the requirements of the valve; 5. When installing the valve, the user must reserve the necessary space for valve drive; 6. Wiring of the driving device shall follow the wiring diagram; 7. Cast steel gate valve must be maintained regularly, and shall not be collided or squeezed at will to avoid affecting the seal.
Precautions for installation of cast steel gate valves
1) the installation position, height and direction of import and export must meet the design requirements. The connection should be firm and tight.
2) for all kinds of manual valves installed in the thermal insulation pipeline, the handle shall not be downward.
3) the appearance inspection must be carried out before the installation of cast steel gate valve. The nameplate of the valve shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "general valve mark" GB 12220. For the valve whose working pressure is greater than 1.0mpa and which plays the role of cutting off on the main pipe, the strength and strict performance test should be conducted before installation, and the valve can be used only after qualified. During the strength test, the test pressure shall be 1.5 times of the nominal pressure, the duration shall be no less than 5min, and the valve shell and packing shall be qualified if there is no leakage. When the tightness test, the test pressure is 1.1 times of the nominal pressure; The test pressure shall meet the GB 50243 standard in the test duration, and the casting steel gate valve shall be qualified if there is no leakage on the sealing surface.


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