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Butterfly valve installation notes and troubleshooting methods

Butterfly valve installation notes and troubleshooting methods

1. Confirm whether the product performance and media flow direction arrow are consistent with the movement condition before installation, and insert and clean the inner chamber of the valve. Foreign matters attached to the sealing ring and butterfly plate are not allowed.

2. It is recommended to use special flange for disc valve when installing supporting flange for plate.

3, installed in the pipeline location, the best position for vertical installation, but can not be inverted.

4, the use of the need to adjust the flow, worm gear box for control.

5. For the disc valve with more opening and closing times, open the cover of worm gear box for two months to check whether the butter is normal, and keep appropriate amount of butter.

6, check the connection parts to be pressed, that is, to ensure the sealing of the packing, but also to ensure the flexible rotation of the valve stem.

7. If it must be installed at the end of the pipe, it shall be equipped with an outlet flange to prevent the sealing ring from being overstocked and out of position.

8. The closing positions of butterfly plate and sealing surface are mismatched. Adjust the adjusting screws of worm gear or electric actuator to reach the correct closing position of the valve.

9, valve stem installation and use response regularly check the effect of valve use, timely troubleshooting.


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