Bellows sealed globe valve india features and major

Bellows sealed globe valve features and major advantages

Bellows sealed globe valve internal use of bellows structure, stainless steel bellows bottom end of the welding on the stem, to prevent process fluid erosion stem. The other end is placed between the valve body and bonnet to form a static seal. A dual seal design prevents stem packing from leaking if bellows fail. Bellows are welded to the stem to maintain steady operating performance and prevent stem vibration due to plug vibration. Most suitable for steam, flammable, explosive, heat conduction oil, high purity, toxic and other media pipeline.
Bellows seal globe valve has the following advantages:
1, the key parts of the globe valve metal bellows, the lower end and the valve stem assembly using automatic rolling welding, the upper end and the connection plate automatic rolling welding, forming a metal barrier between the fluid medium and the atmosphere, to ensure zero leakage of the valve stem;
2, bellows sealed globe valve disc using cone design, sealing surface and the media into a streamline, sealing performance is better, longer service life;
3, double sealing design (bellows + packing) if the bellows failure, stem packing will also avoid leakage, and in line with international sealing standards;
4, the valve cover with grease joint, can be directly on the stem, nut and shaft sleeve lubrication, unlike the traditional only add lubricating oil to the thread;
5. The bellows sealed globe valve adopts ergonomically designed handwheel, with longer service life, easy and convenient operation and more reliable safety.
Bellows sealed globe valves are widely used in hot oil systems, steam systems, cold and hot water systems.



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