Ball valve in the oil and gas valve market prospects -

Ball valve in the oil and gas valve market prospects

Ball valve in the oil and gas valve market prospects, which is closely related to the global attention to energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, global Energy consumption will increase to a relatively large index. In the next 10-15 years, the global Energy consumption will increase by 44%. In this large proportion, oil and natural gas consumption accounts for more than half of the total Energy consumption. Oil and gas market, will be a future trend of valves.

Global crude oil demand and production remain stable, in such a favorable macro situation, oil and gas valve procurement demand will also reach a stable value. The prospect of the oil valve market is good, what is the connection with the ball valve? Ball valve is a truncated valve, is the next five years on the global oil and gas pipeline indispensable valve. There are about 326,000 kilometers of pipeline to be built, which will cost nearly 200 billion us dollars. Asia has become the largest oil and gas pipeline investment market, which brings regional advantages to China's valve industry. A large amount of investment in oil and gas pipelines in the oil valve market is also an important reason to stimulate the continuous expansion of China's valve demand export.

According to the report, in the next 10 years, China will build more than 20,000 kilometers of oil pipelines, including transnational pipelines from Russia and kazakhstan. In addition, after the "west-east gas transmission", China will build more than 20,000 kilometers of transnational gas transmission pipelines and branch lines. These projects need about more than 20,000 large diameter pipeline ball valves and small and medium diameter welded ball valves, fixed ball valves, all welded ball valves; In addition, there will be 10 ~ 20 10,000-ton large-scale refineries to be built, and a batch of 800,000 ~ 1 million ton large-scale ethylene plants to be built, renovated and expanded. There are also more than ten sets of 500,000-600,000 ton/year large-scale PTA plants approved and waiting to be approved, which will provide a huge market for the ball valve industry. In addition, the direct liquefaction of coal is likely to form a new industry. Due to the high working temperature, high pressure and high solid particle content of coal direct liquefaction process medium, there is a high demand for ball valves, which will form an emerging market.

Therefore, the ball valve industry should increase investment in science and technology, development of high, large, fine, pointed valve products; We will strengthen standardization of products to keep standards up to date in terms of quantity and level.



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