Axial flow check valve with slow closing

Axial flow check valve with slow closing function

Check valve in the pipeline system is mainly used for medium circulation and to prevent the backflow of medium caused by pump and drive motor damage. Turbulence and water hammer caused by quick opening and closing of check valve can easily damage the pump and drive motor, affecting the service life of the equipment and the safe and stable operation of the device. Therefore, it is very important to control the medium overcurrent stability of the check valve switching process for the long-term stable operation of the device. Conventional check valve in the moment of opening the valve due to the pressure difference in the pipeline will make the medium suddenly out, on the downstream pipeline and equipment will have a certain impact, affecting the service life of downstream equipment. When conventional check valve is closed, there is no pressure because the upstream pump stops working. At this time, the downstream pressure will lead to the backflow of medium and backflow to form water hammer, which causes great damage to the disc and pump. The greater the speed of disc return seat with backflow medium, the faster the disc return seat. The greater the backflow medium pressure, the faster the disc return. Disc back seat speed, make the disc and seat impact more violent, and may produce a huge sound, disc and seat impact, will affect the axial flow check valve sealing, and will affect its service life and produce noise.
In order to solve the deficiency of existing technology, this technology provides an axial flow check valve with slow closing function. The technical solutions adopted in this technology are: An axial-flow check valve with hydraulic slowly-closing functions, including the valve body, valve seat and valve disc, as described in the body with the diversion of body, diversion as stated in the body and the body wall channeling, described the diversion of the body is equipped with the valve stem, described the valve stem and guide the sliding body coordination, described the disc is located in the side of the described between the disc and the diversion of body is equipped with reset spring, described the diversion of the body is equipped with guide sleeve, described the stem within the guide sleeve and cooperate with the guide sleeve slip, as described in the end of the guide sleeve throttling, also has described with orifice throttling of the side, described at the end of the valve stem with throttling ring, The gap between the throttle ring and the throttle seat is matched, and a buffer cavity is formed between the throttle ring, the throttle seat and the valve stem.


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