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question: The water power in our bathtub is first rate. youngsters, when we activate the bathe, some water continues to come back out of the tub faucet, and the water pressure from the bathe is reduced. How can we relevant this problem?

answer: The issue is with the bath-shower diverter valve. When the valve is functioning correctly, the entire water may still be channeled to the bath or shower.

There are two commonplace types of diverters. within the bath spout diverter, a small gate valve is connected to the base of a plunger shaft determined within the spout. it is held in the up place for the bathe through water power. When the water is became off, the gate drops and opens the bathtub spout. To eradicate it for fix, unscrew the tub spout from the threaded water pipe.

The different diverter works by way of rotating the valve stem so the materials within the valve body open to either the bathtub spout or the shower pipe. you can eliminate the mechanism by unscrewing the stem nut and withdrawing the diverter assembly.

bathtub diverter spouts and diverter assemblies can charge $10 to $15 at plumbing supply outlets.

as a result of there are different types and sizes of tub-bathe diverters purchasable, take the ancient one with you to be sure you get an equal alternative.


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