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doesn't the Abarth 595 Esseesse seem remarkable? very few other vehicles might conceal the wrinkles of a 12-12 months-historical base as well because the quirky Italian supermini, which now, with the return of the true Esseesse trim, is racier than ever - both when it comes to design and hardware. For £25,295, Abarth will deliver you with a 595 wearing a group of attractive white 17-inch wheels, a brace of Brembo brake calipers and two carbon fibre-backed Sabelt activities seats. it's received to be one of the crucial greatest-searching hatchbacks on sale of any class.

but this is now not value £25k on its own so, as you might expect, the Esseesse is greater than a dressed-up 595. It receives a somewhat critical technical set-as much as suit, with the addition of Eibach efficiency springs coupled with Koni FSD dampers, a mechanical limited-slip differential and an aurally-dominating Akrapovic exhaust device, which now comes with a valve so it can be switched from 'no longer that quiet' to its celebration piece ASBO surroundings on the contact of a button. mix all these add-ons with the 595's miniature tarmac rally motor vehicle traces and also you've one very appealing supermini.

The Esseesse receives the equal 180hp and 184lb toes of torque outputs as the 595 Competizione below it (and which expenses £three,500 much less), giving it the legs to dash from 0-62mph in seconds and all the manner on to 140mph. This puts it right within the thick of the B-segment hot hatch classification when it comes to straight-line efficiency, then - although even this proper-spec motor vehicle comes with just the five-speeds in its manual gearbox, leaving the throaty engine spinning at over three,500rpm at 80mph. This means you're in the meat of the torque window, notwithstanding, so the vehicle feels punchy and responsive on a run; in fact, the 4-pot engine is impressively enthusiastic across the rev-latitude regardless of its dinky size.

In commonplace mode the motor displays the equal performance, but it feels that an awful lot extra unique in activity because of the opened valves in the twin-exit pipes that poke out either facet of the diffuser. The notice is gruff, aggressive and intensely racy; it turns right into a harsh bark with a heavy blip of the throttle and attracts lots of consideration on the nation roads surrounding Turin on our Italian examine route. or not it's so naughty, really, that it does fairly support to distract from the truth you're sat quite uncomfortably in a purple leather Sabelt seat - which comes complete with quantity 70 embroidery for 2019, as it's Abarth's seventieth 12 months - due to the upright position that Fiat's metropolis vehicle forces you to undertake.

as a result, taller drivers must operate the pedals with legs bent and fingers stretched out to reach the somewhat girthy (for a this sort of small sizzling hatch, anyway) guidance wheel, which has most effective peak adjustment. This soreness by myself is sufficient to normally remind you that you just're in a vehicle according to a dozen-yr-old model; no amount of silliness from the powertrain can counter the reality your toes don't sit down naturally on the pedals, or that your torso doesn't feel like it could possibly ever chill out within the bolstered seat. The story continues with the sprint, which comes with a touchscreen infotainment reveal complete with Apple Carplay/Android Auto, however looks as dated as the local weather manage buttons under it. It needs a glimpse of the car's reflection in a shop window or admiring appears from passers-with the aid of for you to slowly warm to the 595 once more; even from interior, you might be at all times aware of how bloody cool it looks.

no one will be surprised to hear that a motor vehicle with much less energy and fewer apparatus ratios than its competitors - particularly the more affordable, better Fiesta ST - can not claim to challenge the quickest in its type, however the 595 Esseesse feels truly short and may charge down a rustic route with real intent. The engine picks up strongly and spins freely in opposition t 6,000rpm, so you do not miss a sixth ratio on a twisty street. besides the fact that children when you do work the lever, the gate feels a bit too vast and the throw too lengthy for it to permit basically sharp changes. The position of the pedals does make heel-and-toeing viable, however not anywhere near as moneymaking because it is in the type-leading ST - despite the fact that the cough of revs throughout the exhaust encourages guffawing.

The 595 Esseesse feels rather content being rushed into corners, its stiff setup disposing of body roll to give the nostril satisfyingly brief reactions. The steering presents very little within the method of believe and you have got to go along with the artificial recreation weighting if you need the exhaust to be loud, however such is the bite provided with the aid of the 205-width Pirelli P-Zero Neros so you might definitely hammer alongside a technical stretch of street with confidence. it be a shame, then, that there's now not extra playfulness to discover from probably the most-intense 595 setup, the car always opting to push in case you basically assault a nook. there's no path-brake-enabled oversteer; now not even a moderate tightening of line is allowed. instead, you cost alongside getting to know to lean on the security of moderate understeer before aggressively opening the throttle to have the LSD pull you around. it will respond, but best to a fraction of the degree you may predict; as a substitute of tugging the nostril inwards and giving the motor vehicle an excitable mid-bend character, it barely neutralises the push over the front axle.

Then there is the experience. With that stiffened-up setup introduced to such a brief wheelbase, there's a real harshness to the Esseesse's damping, with none of the rubberised bump stopping you get in other modern-day hot hatches. in its place, the chassis remains tensed constantly so small bumps develop into huge ones and massive ones feel like they are going to crack a wheel or ship a top mount firing throughout the bonnet. things do calm down a little with speed, but when rough Italian lanes give our 595 with issues, what is going to lumpy, bumpy British B-roads do?

because the most carrying car of the 595 line-up, these issues make it complex to consider the Esseesse's function. The model has quite a lot of loveable characteristics apart from its exotic looks and naughty vocals: it's in fact enjoyable and feels appropriately naughty. but the appropriate 595 lacks the refinement, maturity and all-circular polish of tons more youthful competitors. The ST, as an instance, is extra naturally wearing yet additionally more convenient to live with day-to-day; the VW Polo GTI lacks the youthful spirit of the Abarth but is much more comfortable and a plenty nicer place to take a seat; and the Mini Cooper S presents a decent percent of the 595's coolness while additionally feeling extra strong. Spending £25k on a brand new Esseesse is a choice totally for the heart. engage even an oz of brain, and you will be duty certain to agree with the multitude of secondhand examples at present attainable...


Engine: 1,368cc, four cyls, turboTransmission: five-pace manual, front-wheel drivePower (hp): 180@5,500rpmTorque (lb toes): 184@3,500rpm0-62mph: secsTop velocity: 140mphWeight: 1,090kgCO2: 153g/kmMPG: forty £25,295

impressed? seek an Abarth 595 here

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