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SYRACUSE, -- Flames from a motorbike spread to a car on a Lift above all through a fireplace inner a Syracuse automobile shop Sunday afternoon, firefighters spoke of.

The Syracuse fire department responded to the fire at 549 Burnet Ave. at four:27

Engine Co. 9 arrived inside two minutes and found a fire within the single-story, general construction auto store, referred to fire Capt. David Ellis, speaking for the fireplace branch.

As extra firefighters arrived, they stretched a hose into the building and found the motorcycle on fire, Ellis talked about. They additionally noticed the fire had extended to the motor vehicle on a elevate above it, he talked about.

“scuffling with the blaze was complex by using the proven fact that crews had to force entry via an overhead steel door,” he pointed out.

Syracuse police, countrywide Grid and American medical Response (AMR) ambulance additionally responded. No injuries had been stated.

city firefighters are nonetheless making an attempt to pinpoint precisely where the fire began. The cause of the fireplace additionally remains under investigation, Ellis said.

This was the first of two most important fires Syracuse firefighters were called to combat Sunday. Firefighters stay at the scene of a large fire on South State street.

examine more: Syracuse firefighters fight 2nd hearth in 4 hours

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